If you have successfully passed your Ontario Mortgage agents exam, you may now be looking for a mortgage brokerage hiring mortgage agents new to the mortgage industry. Sunlite Mortgage is currently hiring newly licensed mortgage agents who have completed their REMIC mortgage Agents course, Mortgage Professionals Canada Mortgage Agents course, or the CMBA Ontario Mortgage Agents online course

As you make your decision on which brokerage is the best fit for you as you move forward in what must be a very exciting time for you. No doubt you will be asking questions like:

  • How many lenders do you have?
  • What is the commission split?
  • What is the monthly fee?
  • Is training offered, is it free, and for how long?
  • Are there penalties to break the contract?
  • Tell me about your support?

Oddly enough, those questions may seem unrelated, but the answers will help you determine your future as a mortgage agent. The mortgage industry is highly competitive, which leads to an exceedingly high attrition rate. Studies show that less than 40% of new agents survive the first year, and with some companies, the annual attrition rate is as high as 85%. Partnering with the wrong brokerage could be the death of your career before it’s even started.

Mentorship, training, and support separate those who endure from those who either quit or let their license expire come the time for renewal. As of today, 92% of our agents from the 2021/2022 year have renewed their license and have resigned with Sunlite Mortgage for April 2022/2023 year, especially because of the marketing, training, and support offered.

At Sunlite Mortgage, our training program on ongoing and we have 6 hours of weekly virtual training. If you cannot make the training, it’s recorded for you to view at your convenience. That’s not to say we would prefer you view the training instead of coming to the live training, but we understand that if you are working full-time, you may not be able to make the training which are during regular work hours.

We treat every agent as we would a client, so the support must be best in class to help you grow to your full potential in the shortest possible time – we will participate in a conference call with your first five clients and work alongside you in your first five transactions, providing the value of shadowing in this crucial stage of your career giving you value in shadowing. We provide deal support, and we help you with the most basic to the most challenging deals.

Our support does not stop there, we offer the best technology in the market for your deals, with lender support as well as providing marketing techniques to help you get more leads than any other brokerage.

What else do we offer:

  • Principal Broker with over 20 years of mortgage experience
  • Monthly Training Calendar
    • Weekly remote Mortgage Agents/Mortgage Underwriting training
    • Recorded Leader Series Webinar
  • Weekly File Shadowing
  • Weekly case studies
  • Monthly Lender Presentations
  • Targeted landing Pages
  • Personalized Marketing Materials
  • Social Media Presence and Marketing
  • Leads
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Rate information and training webinars are all just a click away on our internet portal.
  • Training to help you grow as your business grows, six hours weekly training (Business Development, Marketing, Email Marketing, Branding, Networking, Website Integration).
  • Monthly training on tools and resources to better equip you for success.
  • Bi-Monthly Sales Training
  • 24/7 Access to Training Manuals
  • Customizable personalized website and landing pages,
  • Access to the lowest rates in the industry
  • Ability to do deals all over Canada with a large selection of lenders.
  • Extensive Deal Support on hard-to-close deals.

Other brokerages say they train. Any training by an individual will be may the start of your career and will be maximum four training and that may come with a fee. Our training is free, and we hire and train part-timers.

We offer some of the lowest mortgage rates in the industry and one of the highest approval ratings. We are client-focused and put the client’s interest first while striving to be the best-run, customer-focused mortgage brokerage brand with a unique and inclusive culture. If you are interested in a brokerage that will market you and bring leads to your doorstep, we are the brokerage for you.