Compare Mortgage Rates

Compare Mortgage Rates

Our mortgage rates are always competitive and subject to change without notice.  Compared to the banks, trust companies, and credit unions our rates will help you pay off your mortgage faster. Our lower rates are due to the fact we constantly have promos that will benefit you.

We pride ourselves on making sure that you get the best possible rate available to you.

For all high ratio mortgages regardless of the term, the qualifying interest rate is the Bank of Canada qualifying rate.

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Compare Mortgage Rate
TermsSunlite Mortgage RatesTD Mortgage RatesScotiabank Mortgage RatesBMO Mortgage RatesRoyal Bank Mortgage RatesCIBC Mortgage Rates
1 Year2.092.792.852.752.772.81
2 Year2.242.942.922.952.902.99
3 Year2.443.493.503.353.353.15
4 Year2.143.743.793.753.773.75
5 Year2.192.392.452.552.492.39
7 Year2.793.353.653.603.653.29
10 Year2.893.953.723.703.753.29
5 Year Variable Rate1.251.351.351.401.551.45
Prime Rate2.452.602.602.552.502.55

Rates above are for high ratio mortgage only and subjected to change without notice. Rates cannot be held without approval documentation.

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