Refinancing your mortgage in Muskoka (Parry Sound)

Refinancing your mortgage in Muskoka (Parry Sound)

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There are many reasons homeowners refinance their mortgages. They could be looking to lower your mortgage payment, pay off your mortgage faster, take equity out to purchase another property, or consolidate credit card debt. Refinancing your mortgage could be a strategy to pays off the existing mortgage to get a new mortgage with a new lender or your existing mortgage lender. Sunlite Mortgage agents in Parry Sound have the experience to get you a mortgage when the banks cannot and we have some of the lowest mortgage rates in Parry Sound. Sunlite Mortgage is among the top 10 best mortgage brokers in Parry Sound and Muskoka providing interest-only mortgage (HELOC), no payment for one-year mortgage, principal, and interest payment mortgage among other mortgage options.

Mortgage Agents in Parry Sound

If you are refinancing your mortgage in Muskoka (Bala, Bracebridge, Burk’s Fall, Gravenhurst, Haliburton, Kilworthy, Minden, Parry Sound, Port Loring, and Wilberforce) and you need to have an experienced mortgage agent with access to many mortgage lenders to assist with your commercial mortgage, finance a cottage purchase or refinance, switch your mortgage from one lender to another with the lowest mortgage rates in Parry Sound.

How is a mortgage agent paid?

Our mortgage agents do not work for any specific lender so our decision on which lender to place your mortgage is more based on your specific needs and financial situation more than the lenders need. We will always get you the lowest rate for your credit to save you as much as we can. We get paid by the banks but in some rare cases if we have to get you a private mortgage we will have to charge you a fee.

How do I apply for a mortgage?

Apply for a mortgage today or call us today for a free mortgage consultation at 1(877) 385-6267.

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