Private and Second Mortgage
Private and Second Mortgage

Private and Second Mortgage

Private Mortgage

If you have a mortgage with an A Lender and very low mortgage rate and you need money to pay out a debt, consolidate credit card, pay your income tax or property tax arrears. You might not want to refinance your mortgage and pay a huge penalty.

You might want to get a private mortgage in the form of a second mortgage which you could consolidate with your first mortgage once your first mortgage matures.

Over the last 25 years, we have developed remarkably close relationships with private lenders across Canada and we are positive we can provide you with the lowest private lending rates in Canada.

So whether you are looking for a private first mortgage or second mortgage or mortgage experts can assist you with private commercial or

Second Mortgage

The second mortgage is a lien on a property that already has a loan attached to it. This type of mortgage can help you pay your debts, expand your business, fund education or you can use the amount for any other purpose as per your requirement.

How Home Equity will work here?

Home equity is an asset, and so, the second mortgage allows you to use that to fulfill your current requirements and accomplish much-needed goals. The only necessity for this is that there must be some equity built on your property, and then the approval will depend on the lender after he checks the basic requirements.

The Mortgage brokers at Sunlite Mortgage will tell you how to get a second mortgage and will work as per your needs.